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Quick reference
Laid down:
Commissioned: November 1913
Courbet class
Ships: Jean Bart, Courbet, France, Paris.
Expended as breakwater, 10 June 1944.
French naval ensign
Courbet French dreadnought battleship

During the First World War Courbet was flagship of France's Mediterranean fleet in 1914 and 1915. On the 16 August 1914 Courbet sank the Austro-Hungarian cruiser Zenta in the Adriatic. As the war progressed the small Adriatic sea became cluttered with mines and so was something of a 'no-go' area for Battleships.

Courbet was modernised twice between the world wars, but by the time of the Second World War was relegated to a training ship. After the fall of France Courbet escaped to England and became an anti-aircraft ship. On the 10 June 1944, after the D-Day landings, Courbet was expended as a breakwater for the 'Mulberry' artificial harbour that was built to land more allied forced in Normandy for the liberation of France.


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