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Quick reference
Laid down: October 1935
Launched: January 1939
Commissioned: 15 June 1940 (incomplete)
Richelieu class
Ships: Richelieu, Jean Bart.
Scrapped, 1968.
Free French naval ensign French naval ensign
Richelieu French super-dreadnought fast battleship

Following the German invasion of France in 1940 Richelieu left Brest for Dakar to avoid falling into German hands and despite still being incomplete was commissioned there. After France surrendered Richelieu was attacked and damaged at Dakar by the British.

When French forces in North Africa joined the allies in November 1942 Richelieu sailed to New York to be refitted. Richelieu served with the British Home Fleet from November 1943 until March 1944, then with the British Eastern Fleet and in 1945 with the British East Indies Fleet.

France kept Richelieu in active service until 16 October 1948 and she was eventually scrapped in 1968.


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