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Quick reference
Laid down:
Commissioned: December 1938
Constructor: Chantiers & Ateliers de St Nazaire
Dunkerque class
Ships: Dunkerque, Strasbourg.
Sunk by aircraft, 18 August 1944.
French naval ensign
Strasbourg French super-dreadnought fast battleship

Strasbourg was the second ship of the Dunkerque class. Like her sister-ship, Strasbourg was at Mers el Kebir when it was attacked by the British but unlike Dunkerque, which was badly damaged, Strasbourg escaped back to Toulon. There she remained until being scuttled to prevent her being taken over by Germany in 1942. The Italian Navy re-floated Strasbourg in 1943, but she was sunk by American bombers in 1944. After the war Strasbourg was raised but not restored and was scrapped in 1955.


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