Battleships of Germany

Brandenburg class - Pre-Dreadnoughts.
SMS Brandenburg
SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm
SMS Weißenburg
SMS Wörth

Kaiser Friedrich III class - Pre-Dreadnoughts.
SMS Kaiser Friedrich III
SMS Kaiser Wilhelm II
SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Große
SMS Kaiser Karl der Große
SMS Kaiser Barbarossa

Wittelsbach class - Pre-Dreadnoughts.
SMS Wittelsbach
SMS Wettin
SMS Zähringen
SMS Schwaben
SMS Mecklenburg

Braunschweig class - Pre-Dreadnoughts.
SMS Braunschweig
SMS Elsaß
SMS Hessen
SMS Preußen
SMS Lothringen

Deutschland class - Serving throughout World War I, Schleswig-Holstein also fired the some of the opening shots of World War II at Danzig.
SMS Deutschland
SMS Pommern
SMS Hannover
SMS Schlesien
SMS Schleswig-Holstein

Nassau class - Germany's first Dreadnoughts, the hexagonal turret arrangement provided redundancy, but wasted fire-power.
SMS Nassau
SMS Westfalen
SMS Posen
SMS Rheinland

Helgoland class - Also using a hexagonal turret arrangement, the Helgoland class were larger to accommodate the heavier 12-inch guns of the main armament.
SMS Oldenburg
SMS Ostfriesland
SMS Thüringen
SMS Helgoland

SMS Von der Tann - Germany's first battlecruiser was better armoured but more lightly armed than the British Invincible class. She was also Germany's first capital ship fitted with Turbines.

Kaiser class - All survived World War I and all were scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919.
SMS Kaiser
SMS Friedrich der Große
SMS Kaiserin
SMS König Albert
SMS Prinzregent Luitpold

König class - Like the Kaiser class, all survived World War I and all were scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919.
SMS Großer Kurfürst
SMS König
SMS Markgraf
SMS Kronprinz (later Kronprinz Wilhelm)

Moltke class - During World War I battlecruiser SMS Moltke fought at Jutland, whilst SMS Goeben served with the Turkish navy.
SMS Moltke
SMS Goeben

SMS Seydlitz - A lengthened and improved version of the Moltke class battlecruisers.

Derfflinger class - Germany's first battlecruisers to mount a 12-inch main armament. SMS Derfflinger was the first German capital ship fitted with 88mm anti-aircraft guns.
SMS Derfflinger
SMS Lutzow
SMS Hindenburg

Bayern class - The only 15-inch gunned ships of the High Seas Fleet.
SMS Bayern
SMS Baden

Deutschland class - The famous 'pocket battleships'. They were termed so because of the size of armament shipped on such a small displacement.
Deutschland (renamed Lutzow)
Admiral Scheer
Admiral Graf Spee

Scharnhorst class - Somewhat under-armed for their displacement (partly due to political considerations), plans to up-gun the Scharnhorst class from nine 11-inch to six 15-inch guns were never realised.

Bismarck class - The only 15-inch gunned ships of the Kriegsmarine and the last German battleships.

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