Battleships of Italy

Regina Margherita class - Pre-Dreadnoughts, both were sunk during World War I.
RN Regina Margherita
RN Benedetto Brin

Regina Elena class - The fastest Pre-Dreadnoughts in service in any navy, the Regina Elena class only carried two 12-inch guns (one fore, one aft).
RN Regina Elena
RN Vittorio Emanuele
RN Napoli
RN Roma

RN Dante Alighieri - Italy's first Dreadnought was also the first to be designed with triple turrets, but she was not completed before SMS Viribus Unitis of Austria-Hungary.

Conte di Cavour class - Built with thirteen 12-inch guns, they were re-constructed between the wars with ten 12.6-inch guns.
RN Giulio Cesare
RN Conte di Cavour
RN Leonardo da Vinci

Andrea Doria class - Very similar to the Conte di Cavour class, they were also extensively modernised between the wars.
RN Caio Duilio
RN Andrea Doria

Vittorio Veneto class - With nine 15-inch guns the Vittorio Veneto class were powerful ships. RN Roma had the unfortunate distinction of being the first capital ship to be sunk by air-to-surface missiles.
RN Vittorio Veneto
RN Littorio
RN Roma

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