Battleships of Austria-Hungary

List of battleships of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Battleships Commissioned in the 1800s

Drache class - Broadside ironclads.
SMS Drache
SMS Salamander

Ersatz Kaiser Max class - Broadside ironclads later converted to central battery ironclads.
SMS Kaiser Max
SMS Don Juan d'Austria
SMS Prinz Eugen

Ersatz Ferdinand Max class - Broadside ironclads.
SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max
SMS Habsburg

SMS Kaiser - Re-launch of the former two-decker screw ship-of-the-line after conversion to a central battery ironclad.

SMS Tegetthoff - Central battery ironclad.

Kronprinz class - Coastal battleships.
SMS Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf
SMS Kronprinzessin Erzherzogin Stephanie

Monarch class - Coastal battleships.
SMS Monarch
SMS Wien
SMS Budapest

Battleships Commissioned in the 1900s

Habsburg class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
SMS Habsburg
SMS Árpád
SMS Babenberg

Erzherzog Karl class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
SMS Erzherzog Karl
SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max
SMS Erzherzog Friedrich

Radetzky class - Although Britain's HMS Dreadnought had set the new standard for battleship design, the Austro-Hungarian navy settled for a compromise pre-dreadnought style design with the Radetzky class.
SMS Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand
SMS Radetzky
SMS Zrinyi

Viribus Unitis class (aka Tegetthoff class) - Austria-Hungary's first and only Dreadnoughts, they were the first battleships in the world to be completed with triple turrets.
SMS Viribus Unitis
SMS Tegetthoff
SMS Prinz Eugen
SMS Szent István

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