Battleships of the USA

Battleships Commissioned in the 1800s

USS Texas - Coast defense battleship.

USS Maine - Coast defense battleship.

Indiana class - Coast defense battleships.
USS Indiana (BB-1)
USS Massachusetts (BB-2)
USS Oregon (BB-3)

USS Iowa (BB-4) - Coast defense battleship.

Battleships Commissioned in the 1900s

Kearsarge class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
USS Kearsarge (BB-5)
USS Kentucky (BB-6)

Illinois class - Officially 'Sea-going coastline battleships', they were the first battleships with a distinct main and secondary armament only. There was no intermediate or tertiary battery.
USS Illinois (BB-7)
USS Alabama (BB-8)
USS Wisconsin (BB-9)

Maine class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
USS Maine (BB-10)
USS Missouri (BB-11)
USS Ohio (BB-12)

Virginia class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
USS Virginia (BB-13)
USS Nebraska (BB-14)
USS Georgia (BB-15)
USS New Jersey (BB-16)
USS Rhode Island (BB-17)

Connecticut class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
USS Connecticut (BB-18)
USS Louisiana (BB-19)
USS Vermont (BB-20)
USS Kansas (BB-21)
USS Minnesota (BB-22)
USS New Hampshire (BB-25)

Mississippi class - Pre-dreadnoughts.
USS Mississippi (BB-23)
USS Idaho (BB-24)

South Carolina class - The turret layout of the USA's first Dreadnought's would later become the standard for battleships, giving the best arcs of fire.
USS South Carolina (BB-26)
USS Michigan (BB-27)

Delaware class - Adding an additional turret to match the fire-power of British battleships and the heavier secondary armament, North Dakota was also the first American battleship powered by steam turbines.
USS Delaware (BB-28)
USS North Dakota (BB-29)

Florida class - Enlarged versions of the Delaware class.
USS Florida (BB-30)
USS Utah (BB-31)

Wyoming class - With neither the new 14-inch gun or triple turrets ready, to keep pace with foreign broadsides the Wyoming class featured six twin 12-inch turrets all mounted centreline.
USS Wyoming (BB-32)
USS Arkansas (BB-33)

New York class - Armed with five twin 14-inch-gun turrets.
USS New York (BB-34)
USS Texas (BB-35)

Nevada class - Armed with two tripple 14-inch turrets superfired by two twin 14-inch turrets.
USS Nevada (BB-36)
USS Oklahoma (BB-37)

Pennsylvania class - Armed with four tripple 14-inch turrets.
USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
USS Arizona (BB-39)

New Mexico class - These ships maintained four triple 14-inch turrets, but with an improved 50-calibre gun. They also featured 'clipper' bows.
USS New Mexico (BB-40)
USS Mississippi (BB-41)
USS Idaho (BB-42)

Tennessee class - Being able to elevate the main armament much further gave it greater range. The Tennessee class also had improved underwater protection.
USS Tennessee (BB-43)
USS California (BB-44)

Colorado class - Armed with four twin 16-inch turrets.
USS Colorado (BB-45)
USS Maryland (BB-46)
USS West Virginia (BB-48)

North Carolina class - Armed with three triple 16-inch turrets.
USS North Carolina (BB-55)
USS Washington (BB-56)

South Dakota class - An improved design similar to the North Carolina class.
USS South Dakota (BB-57)
USS Indiana (BB-58)
USS Massachusetts (BB-59)
USS Alabama (BB-60)

Iowa class - With a lengthened hull and more powerful machinery the Iowa class was fast and well armed with nine 50-calibre 16-inch guns in tree triple turrets. They all had very long service lives.
USS Iowa (BB-61)
USS New Jeresy (BB-62)
USS Missouri (BB-63)
USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

Alaska class - The last battle-cruisers. With no specific role, they were scrapped in 1960.
USS Alaska (CB-1)
USS Guam (CB-2)

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