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Except in the limited circumstances mentioned below, we do not collect information about you when you enter or use this site. The information we do collect is detailed below. We do not collect any personally identifiable information.


During the course of any visit to BattleshipList, in addition to the pages you see, text files called a 'cookies', are downloaded to your computer. This website does not set any cookies for the site to function, however, we do use some third-party services which may set cookies. Information about those services is detailed below

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IP Addresses

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Third-party Services

Cookies may be set and IP addresses logged by some advertising services and other third-party services that we use. Some services might use cookies to help better target advertising, which might help our website display more relevant advertisements, but if you choose to block cookies from these services it should not affect the functionality of the site. The third-party services we use are listed below, with an explanation of what we use them for:

  • Quantcast - for publicly displaying statistics about how many visitors come to our site and which parts of the world the most visitors come from. You can see this information on our profile. [ Quantcast Privacy Policy ]
  • Google Analytics - for gathering statistics on our website's traffic flows and information such as which web browsers visitors use and what screen size they have. This information is very helpful to us in developing and improving this website. The information is aggregated so it cannot be linked to any individual visitor. [ Google Privacy Policy ]
  • Google AdSense - to display advertisements on our site. These advertisements help pay to run this site. Allowing AdSense cookies might mean you get shown more relevant advertisements.

Security Policy

We do not store any personally identifiable information about visitors. The aggregated anonymous website usage information is stored by the third-party services detailed above.

Other Websites

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